Our electronic billboard is positioned perfectly to capture people’s attention at the Bank Street intersection, Whangarei.

The Business Finder


The Business Finder Is A 100% Locally Owned Advertising Service Based In Whangarei.

The Business Finder, epitomizes the pinnacle of media solutions, with a particular emphasis on billboard advertising and print publication. We excel in both static and digital billboard advertising, offering a platform for impactful and memorable marketing. Their static billboards are strategically located for optimal visibility, while their digital billboards provide a dynamic and flexible medium for real-time advertising.

Alongside our outdoor advertising expertise, The Business Finder is also renowned for its high-quality print publication services. This combination of traditional and modern media solutions positions them uniquely in the industry, catering to a diverse range of advertising needs with professionalism and precision.

Combined Media Solutions.

We Utilise Five Different Types To Promote Your Brand.

The team at The Business Finder will design a combination of these advertising media tailored to work for your business. Our advertising packages are designed to provide you with the most efficient and cost-effective approach to reach your target customers.


Learn More About How Our Combined Media Advertising Packages Can Help Your Business Grow.

Our OUTDOOR DIGITAL BILLBOARD Provides Easy Access To A Wide Range Of Local Businesses.

Outdoor Media Advertising Works.

Effective placement accelerates the traffic to your actual business and website. By targeting customers as they go about their commute or shopping experience, you are competing against less demands for viewers attention. Think about the last time you were stuck as traffic lights waiting for them to turn green. Our outdoor advertising solutions gain customers attention, and grab them to bring about a positive outcome to your business. Find out more by contacting us today.

Our Combined Media Solutions, Local Experience And A Real Passion For What We Do, Gives You The Greatest Return For Your Advertising Dollar.

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Our combined media solutions, local experience and a real passion for what we do, gives you the greatest return for your advertising dollar.

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